VolumeCare+ Mascara & LashCare+ Serum

Care+ Bundle
VolumeCare+ Mascara & LashCare+ Serum

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"Right after the first time I used Care+ products, my lashes perked up like they just had a shot of vitamins. Eyes feel fresh at all times and my eyelashes see immediate improvement with just 1 coat. Rumi fan for life! - Patricia, Returning Customer

Care+ Bundle Includes:
- 1x VolumeCare+ Mascara
- 1x LashCare+ Serum

For mature women with thinning eyelashes
LashCare+ Serum together with VolumeCare+ Mascara is the full support thinning lashes need to thrive again!
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  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

"Right after the first time I used Care+ products, my lashes perked up like they just had a shot of vitamins. Eyes feel fresh at all times and my eyelashes see immediate improvement with just 1 coat. Rumi fan for life! - Patricia, Returning Customer

Care+ Bundle Includes:
- 1x VolumeCare+ Mascara
- 1x LashCare+ Serum

For mature women with thinning eyelashes
LashCare+ Serum together with VolumeCare+ Mascara is the full support thinning lashes need to thrive again!

Loved by Thousands of Mature Women All Over The World

According to recent survey, 95.9% of our customers' expectations were met or exceeded.

"I’m amazed at how it “finds” and coats every single little lash and makes the most of it. I have FINALLY found a mascara that lives up to its claims!"
- Linda, a returning customer

"Cant believe my luck in stumbling across this mascara. Having wasted a fortune on brands claiming to meet my particular need I perhaps can be forgiven for having felt a degree of cynicism at Rumi's claims."
- Meg, a returning customer

VolumeCare+ Mascara Treats Your Eyelashes In 3 Ways


Dramatically lengthens and volumizes even the thinnest eyelashes


Extremely eyelash-friendly application and removal


Contains necessary vitamins to stimulate the growth of your natural lashes

Why Mature & Thinning Eyelashes Need LashCare+ Serum

As years go by, we become prone to hormonal imbalances and various illnesses that leave us with no beauty hair at all.

To add, our body can't grow and sustain long & thick eyelashes by itself anymore. It needs all the help it can get.

  • - Visible Results In 28 Days
  • - Recharge Your Lash Growth
  • - Vitamins That Facilitate Eyelash Growth

Here's How Your Purchase Matters

For every order you make, we donate to help a mature woman overcome the challenges we face as we age.

We support & empower mature women that are fighting cancer.

We lift up women that are going through a menopause.

We encourage wome whose memory, thinking & behaviour is affected by Alzheimer'.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect and when?

You can expect increased volume and length for your eyelashes on a day-to-day basis while having delicate care of your natural eyelashes by providing them with the necessary vitamin mixture for effortless growth.

You are getting the best of both worlds: happy & healthy eyelashes combined with the dramatic look you once had.

Will this treat my thinning eyelashes?

Yes. The growth vitamins and eyelash-friendly removal process help to give your natural eyelashes all they need to thrive!

Can you use Care+ products on sensitive eyelashes?

Yes! They're made to be used on the most sensitive eyelashes. It’s also safe to use for both adults and children.

Is Care+ products safe for everyday use?

Yes, absolutely! You can use this mascara as often as you like while serum we recommend applying daily one hour before going to bed.

This is possible due to the fact that the removal process is eyelash-friendly and will not damage your beautiful, natural eyelashes!

Exactly how do you use Care+ products?

VolumeCare+ mascara

Important To Know

Don’t wiggle and pump the wand of your mascara into and out of the tube. Doing so pushes air into the mascara tube, drying it out. This can cause your mascara to clump up, making it messy and unattractive.

Step-by-Step Application

Gently take out your mascara wand. Remember that there is no need to pump it to load the mascara. Next, scrape the tip against the tube so that the wand isn’t overloaded and wet. You can then push back the liquid into the mascara with the wand to have the mascara liquid last longer. Then, apply your mascara to your top lashes, starting with the tips and then going to the base of the lashes. While applying your mascara, look down towards your nose, not straight ahead. Next, with the tip of the wand, push up the outer corners of your lashes After this, use a double-edged brush to separate any areas that may have become a little clumpy. At this stage, comb from the top and the bottom. Finally, dab a little mascara on the bottom of the lashes.

LashCare+ Serum

Here are 6 steps/tips you should follow:

1. Make sure your eyes are clean from make-up and that you’ve removed your contact lenses (if applicable). It’s important to remove all traces of mascara before application.

2. Use the applicator and apply a thin line of LashCare+ along the upper lashline. Apply it like you would with an eyeliner and make sure that you’re not getting any product into your eyes.

3. We recommend that you apply the serum in the evening, about an hour before going to bed. This allows the product to be fully absorbed. Do not rub your eyelashes.

4. The product needs time to be fully absorbed, so don’t reach for the mascara straight away if you’re applying the serum at any other time.

5. LashCare+ is not intended or needs to be used on lower lashes.

6. For best results, apply LashCare+ once a day for at least 28 days.

How do you remove VolumeCare+?

Simply rinse off our mascara with warm water and a washcloth using a gentle downward-sweeping motion.

You can also use your favorite cleanser or makeup remover.

Is it all natural?

Absolutely! Every single ingredient in Care+ products is natural.

What makes Care+ different from others?

There aren't any eyelash growth serums or mascaras out there like LashCare+ serum and VolumeCare+ mascara that has been designed specifically for mature & thinning eyelashes.

What are the ingredients?

LashCare+ serum

Deionized water
Hydroxyethyl cellulose
Caprylhydroxamic Acid
Sodium Chloride
Golden rose
Dipotassium Phosphate
Potassium Phosphate
Polysorbate 20
Hyaluronic Acid

VolumeCare+ mascara

Aqua, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, CI77499 Black Oxide of Iron, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Cera Alba, Dimethicone, PVP, CI77266 D&C Black No.2, POLYSORBATE 80, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance Alcohol Denat., Myristoryl Pentapeptide-17, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1

Is VolumeCare+ mascara water-proof?

It's not water-proof but water-resistant. This offers a smudge-free look all-day while providing eyelash-friendly removal at the end of your day!

What color is VolumeCare+ mascara?

As of now, we only offer VolumeCare+ Mascara in black.

However, it's not as severe black as all the other mascaras out there. It perfectly fits blonde & fair-skinned ladies as well.

Is VolumeCare+ mascara clump-free and long-lasting?

Yes, absolutely!

The unique mix of ingredients allows having VolumeCare+ last all day while not clumping.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
(Or Your Money Back)

At Rumi Cosmetiques, we believe that exceptional products that do what it says is of paramount importance when it comes to building lasting relationships with our clients.

Therefore, if for some reason you would not be happy with your purchase (which we strongly doubt), we will be happy to return 100% of your hard-earned money.

Best part? No deadline for letting us know.

Just email us at hello@rumicosmetiques.com.

Real Reviews From Real People

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Zita Moroney


My eyelashes are back!

My beauty therapist has just made my day by commenting on my ‘lovely long lashes’. At 76, I thought I had lost my formerly long thick curly eyelashes for ever, but since using Rumi mascara and lash serum for several months, they now seem to be making a miraculous return. As others have said, it doesn’t clump, adds length and natural looking colour and stays on all day.


I have struggled in the past couple of years to find a mascara that applies nicely and sits comfortably to my thinning lashes. This is truly wonderful and I'm so happy I came across Rumi.

Patricia Burnett
Best ever

I only use mascara so it has to be good and this is the best. It doesn’t smudge it defines. It’s not heavy so it lifts. Can’t wait for the serum it’s bound to be good

Sue Ferguson
Longer lashes instantly

Love this mascara , as soon as I applied my lashes looked longer, only one criticism, I usually use water proof, which is still there at the end of the day, but this is water resistant, and it seems to fade by the end of the day, but can always reapply I suppose , it doesn’t clump and is very easy to remove without pulling at the lashes , great for older sparse lashes , I will definitely keep buying.


I have been using Rumi mascara and serum for 4 weeks. I can really tell the difference, my lashes do seem thicker. The mascara doesn't clump and defines my lashes beautifully. The mascara wand is great and enables you to coat even the smallest lashes.
I'm particularly impressed with the customer service from Rumi. Very attentive and will answer any queries. They seem genuinely interested in their customers.
Thank you Rumi will definitely be using your products again.

Marian Alcorn

I have only starting using this product a few weeks ago, but it is delightful, easy to use and stays on. Friend have noticed my eyes, saying they look more defined. Thank you! I will be trying the serum as soon as it comes back in stock. great product 😊

Lorraine Wilson

No clumping and does exactly what it promised love this mascara I definitely will not be buying any other brand

Thank you

Finally a mascara that works. This mascara stays on, lengthens, and creates volume. I have been using this for the past 4-6weeks in conjunction with the serum and the change in my lashes is amazing. I had a couple of gaps in my lash line and they are slowly being filled. The length and thickness of my lashes has increased. Just absolutely amazed by these products.

Penny Hart-Woods
You won't be dissapointed.

I received my macara abut 10 days ago and have used it everyday. The wand is wonderfully fine which makes for much easier application than other brands and as others have said it really does stay on until you decide to take it off. Application is even and non clumping which makes a massive change and although the serum has not worked its magic just yet the mascara has gone a long way to making me feel that I still have eyelashes!!!

Care+ Bundle