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I used this for the second time since lockdown it is amazing but my lashes could be a bit longer. I don't get the advice - "use a double-edged brush to separate any areas that may have become a little clumpy. At this stage, comb from the top and the bottom." What is a double-edged brush and also, I don't have a lash comb so will I get better results using these? It is so easy to remove also, not like the awful waterproof mascaras.

This product really does deliver

I took a leap of faith when I bought this mascara, because so many beauty products promise results that are simply untrue, so I am quite the sceptic. I had the most appallingly thin and sparse eyelashes, largely as a consequence of a habit, which caused me to pull them out. Although I had recovered from that habit about 10 years ago, my lashes never really recovered so I never ever wore mascara. Anyway, having seen the ad on Instagram I bought this Mascara + product and over time (a few months), my eyelashes returned and are longer and more lush than I ever remember them being - so much so they brush against my glasses when I have them on and I'm not complaining. I fully endorse this fabulous product; it really is wonderful and unlike other so called miracle workers, this one is. Thank you! x

VolumeCare+ Mascara

I will be purchasing this again. It’s brilliant for the mature woman. Like myself(67). I’m so glad I found this

Mrs j Faulkner

I received my Mascara 2wk ago and I love it. I am an 83y old lady and it is the best I have used for a long time and I will be ordering more.


Exactly what is advertised. Best mascara I've used! Will definitely be buying again.


Does exactly what is says
Product is perfect for ladies with short lashes
Def recommend
Customer service 1st class

Defined long lashes

Finally a mascara that is building my short sparse eyelashes up to amazing young healthy looking lashes.
You can layer it up to make them look as long and full as you would like.
It doesn’t clump, (not with me anyway) I just need to get the right remover for it.
I’ve bought a second one for my mum(85) who says she can’t wear mascara anymore........ this one she can.
Very impressed with this mascara.


I am 49yrs old and post menopausal. My eyelashes are much thinner than they were and I have been struggling to find a mascara with the perfect brush to give volume and length without clumping. I have been using it for 2wks now and have noticed a big difference in the condition of my lashes. It lasts all day without smudging. This product is worth the price and the wait for delivery. I love it and it will be my forever mascara. Thank you Rumi

Best mascara I have used for a long time

I love this mascara. It has not smudged at all, it is long lasting, it is simple to remove and most importantly, kind to my lashes.

Great product

It took a little while to arrive, but it was worth the wait, short handles brush that sweeps the mascara through the lashes , separating them and covering them to the tip, stays put all day, no panda eyes by tea time. Absolutely love it will definitely reorder.

Awesome mascara

I have just taken delivery of my second Rumi mascara, it is the best mascara I have used it sits way above all the expensive high street mascaras I have used over the years. My lashes look longer and thicker instantly and it does not smudge, but is easy to remove. I will not buy another mascara now. Thank you Rumi

Great mascara!

I have been struggling to find a mascara to suit my 'mature' eyelashes when I came across RUMI cosmetics on Facebook. The reviews were good, so I thought I would give the mascara a try. I have been very happy with my purchase and for me, I feel, that the mascara brightens my eyes. I have used it quite a few times since purchasing and my eyelashes are not so dry - perfect!

Simply the best

I’m so pleased I ordered this and am happy to leave a very positive review. It’s the best mascara I’ve tried - goes on smoothly and doesn’t clump. Totally recommend :)

Gentle on the lashes

I found the advert for Rumi on Facebook. Although I haven't been using the mascara for long I'm quite impressed. It leaves the lashes looking natural not stiff and spikey like some mascaras. It's also quite easy to remove.

At last a mascara I can wear

I have tried every mascara on the market, trying to find one that did NOT give me Panda Bear eyes by the end of the day. I have started using this one from RUMI and it WORKS!
Thanks so much

Being a mature woman and many mascaras tried and tested, this is definitely one for me. Makes my lashes look fabulous without being too over the top.


Very pleased with this mascara - makes my eyelashes look long.


I have just ordered my second mascara, (hoping this one arrives faster than my first!)
I love this mascara, it is soft and leaves your lashes looking beautifully natural. I have had 3 people comment on how lovely they look. And am recommending this product to all my friends.
I would like to try the care package next. I’m definitely converted and will only use this from now on. Thank you Rumi 😁👏

Does everything it says it does!

This mascara is lovely to use, looks great on and has the desired effect of 'finding' lashes you didn't know were there :-) Result is fuller, longer looking lashes. Comes off easily and gently - no pulling or tugging. Love it!

Great, easy to use mascara

This is the first mascara I’ve used which doesn’t leave bits all clumped together. It’s so easy to apply and really separates and accentuates the lashes. What’s more, it doesn’t smudge during the day either! I’ll certainly place a repeat order.

I saw the advert for this, it’s pricy but thought I would give it a try. I have lost count of the mascaras I have bought already. From the first application this seemed to work, after 2 weeks so far so good. It goes on easily, stays on, doesn’t smudge, and makes my lashes look natural. I might just stick to this one 👍

Marvellous mascara

I was fairly sceptical about this mascara having tried many different brands, but this really does what it says on the label. Easy to apply, gives a fuller, longer look to my lashes, love it.

The mascara that left me thinking!

I see from the reviews that some people find it clumpy and a little bitty.
Well that was me at first impression. So I carefully read lots of reviews and realised it’s how you apply and the way you use your brush. The serum is amazing I will post picture of me and how it helped my lashes. I practically lived for false lashes and they had a horrific effect on my natural lashes. Unfortunately have no picture of before but I looked like the lady originally promoting Rumi Cosmetics. 1. Don’t pump your brush in the mascara like you would if it was an over the counter mascara. Just pull it out and carefully stroke upwards to the tip of your lashes. There is no need to go over it to get full coverage if you have applied correctly. I am a 60+ lady from the uk. I can promote this product 100% now I followed the above procedure.

Best Mascara I've Had

I was so excited to receive my order and can honestly say this msscara actually works. It does exactly what it says it can do. Lifts, lengthens and separates instantly. No clumping, no drying out. I particularly like the shaped wand as the narrow end helps to access the corners. A truly recommended product. I will definitely order more.


Received my mascara a couple of weeks ago and I’m loving it. There’s no clogging my lashes just makes them look fuller. Thanks Rumi!